Family vacations are not complete without a stay at Trennerys Hotel! The scenic splendour of the rugged Wild Coast makes this the perfect destination for family holidays.

A Poem – An Ode To Trennerys

How lovely is this poem written by one of our guests who visited Trennerys Hotel in 1988? Thank you Olivia Schaffer for digging this out from the moth balls 

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Pick up your Pot of Gold at Trennerys

11 JUNE 2018 BY ALAN STRATON After a leisurely 4 hour drive as we were approaching Trennerys on the winding coastal road we saw the most magnificent rainbow stretching across the sky in the general direction of our destination. A sure portent of good things to come...

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I Lost my Heart to Trennerys

When I turned 21, my parents gave me the most beautiful silver heart locket. This gorgeous little symbol of love has embraced my neck through most of my life. It has witnessed much adventure and travelled to many places, a constant reminder of my love for my family...

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Wild, unkept and untouched is probably how you would describe the Transkei. The Southern Transkei is inhabited by the Xhosa people, steeped in traditions and superstitions. The coastline is scarcely populated, with Acacia Trees and traditional homesteads scattered...

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The Sanlam Top Destination Award

We are absolutely delighted about winning the award in the non- graded Hotel category! The Sanlam Top Destination Awards has been created as an honorary platform for the Hospitality Industry to put their best foot forward and to be selected as the “Top...

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